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2010-11-02 08:33:33 by Napalmed

Well not that anyone reads this/gives a shit, but I'm nearly done with school! Thirteen years of bullshit will be over in a couple short weeks =D

Kevin Bacon

2010-04-01 22:03:49 by Napalmed

I, my, me, mine

Post of win!

2008-09-07 05:01:08 by Napalmed


New animation!

2007-09-14 20:29:41 by Napalmed

So I made a new animation. And it isn't a piece of shit. (At least in my opinion.) Everyone who is cool is watching it and voting 5. So you should do that too. Or else you aren't cool.

All together now

2007-07-24 04:22:48 by Napalmed

Check out my rad hip flash movie! REVIEW IT!! You know you want to.